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      Realistic refers to the artwork being very real looking within the artist's particular style. The artist may choose to depict a Still-life, Village scene, Landscape, Seascape, Thing or Portrait of a person. Abstract or Impressionistic refers to the artwork's design depicting the essence, impression or idea" of a chosen subject using various stylistic techniques that may evoke emotion or tell a story without displaying detailed, realistic images. picThese styles are not limited to landscapes or portraits but can depict events, activities, moods, ideas, things and more.

      Abstract and Impressionistic Fiber Art refers to the artwork's design depicting the essence, impression or idea of a chosen subject using color, line, abstract designs and various stylistic techniques that may evoke emotion or tell a story without displaying detailed, realistic images. These styles are not limited to landscapes or portraits but can depict events, activities, moods, ideas, things and more. Traditional and non-traditional methods and techniques are used in the construction and embellishment of Abstract Fiber Art pieces.

     Landscapes and Portraiture: Using many techniques, fiber artists express themselves in many ways. Raw-edged appliqué, insertion techniques and embellishment with a multitude of materials enables artists to not just depict a scene but create real texture and depth with stitching and added embellishments. Raw-edged appliqué is also used frequently to give color, depth and shading to fabric portraits which at a distance often look like photographs. Fusibledimensional products have enabled fiber artists to cut and apply tiny pieces of fabric in creating amazing painterly effects. Stitching with invisible thread has eliminated grueling handwork and enables fiber artists to use fabric as they would paint in their portraits. These same techniques can be used to create very Abstract or Impressionistic portraits and also can include: piecing, fusing, appliqué, stitching, insertion, weaving, fabric manipulation, embellishment with beads and found objects and texturing the surface with paint, dyes, inks and various other mediums. If you can apply or attach it safely to the surface, you can use it to interpret your vision of the world around you.

    Pieced Portraiture can also be hard to tell from a photograph at a distance. Individual pieces might be ½" square or 12" square depending on the effect desired, time allowed or the finished size of the piece. As with digital images, each piece is a kind of pixel that together creates an image. Construction techniques can include traditional piecing, weaving, slashing and re-positioning pieces to create a whole image. Pieced artwork can appear Realistic, Abstract or Impressionistic depending on the size and nature of the Pixels. (see Glossary for expanded technical details)

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"Patience" 23 ½" x 19 ½"
Cotton Fabrics, Thread, Cheesecloth, Beads
Techniques: Applique, Thread Sketching, Free-motion Machine Stitching, Hand Stitching.
A commissioned piece, "Patience", is based upon a photograph taken by avid bird-watcher Norm Rhodes (see Photo »)
depicting a Heron standing in water awaiting his next meal. My interpretation of Norm's photograph added mountains,
sky and a more "active" Batik fabric background. The Heron and its reflection are separate, stitched components applied
to the background. The Heron's feathers were stitched embellishments applied at the last step as was the beaded eye. The
reeds are made of twisted fabric and hand stitching. (Privately owned).


"Dawn"                       14" x 11"
Cotton Fabric, Thread
Techniques: Raw Edge Applique, Thread Sketching
(Privately Owned)

Created originally for an exhibition "Let There Be Light" this piece showcases
commercial fabrics and Batiks in a landscape setting with Thread Sketching helping tell the
"story" of the break of Day. (There are 7 different thread colors in the sky).


"View Near Tahoe"               16" x 20"

Cotton Fabric, Thread

Techniques: Raw Edge Applique, Thread Sketching, Thread Painting, Dimensional Stitching

Made for an exhibit "Uplift" about the Sierra Nevada, my goal for this piece was to create a piece which,
when viewed at a distance, would be seen as a painting but would draw the viewer closer only to discover
it was made of fabric. A number of textural and dimensional elements would hopefully challenge the viewer
to wonder how it was made (note the dimensional shrubs and cheesecloth clouds). This was based on a photo. [See Photo »]




Napa Valley Landscape with Mustard     11 1/2" X 9 3/4"
Cotton, Cotton Floss, mounted on Artist's canvas

Techniques: Raw-edged appliqué, Free-motion machine stitching, Hand-stitched French knots

"Napa Valley Landscape with Mustard was my attempt to recreate the feeling of standing at the edge of a wild mustard field in full bloom looking across a vastness of vibrant yellow-green as far as the eye can see ending only at the foot of the surrounding mountains. I used Batik fabrics to represent the mountains, tore grey and white fabrics to represent sky and clouds and made thousands of French knots in several sizes to depict the vast sea of wild mustard flowers."  (Privately Owned)



A View from Baker Court #1       28 ½" x 22 ¾"
(Part of a series A View from Baker Court    SEE ALL »»)
Cotton Fabric, Thread
Techniques: Dimensional Piecing, Raw-edge Applique, Free-motion stitching, Trapunto

This is the largest piece in the "A View from Baker Court" series based on my own original photo.
It incorporates many techniques including individual, free-standing trees and bushes in the
foreground to provide extra, almost 3D dimensional effects. This was based on a photo. [See Photo »]





Undersea Landscape     16" X 12 1/2"
Cotton , mounted on Artist's canvas
Techniques: Curved piecing, Fabric Insertion, Fabric Slashing

"Undersea Landscape is an Abstract Landscape evoking an undersea world. That was not my initial intention. I was playing around with curved piecing and the design began to take on a life of its own ending up looking like it was an underwater scene. Besides the curved piecing I had fun slashing the fabric this way and that and inserting colored accents in the resulting seams. It was very liberating. (Privately Owned)





Cotton, Thread

"Lakeview is a small 6" piece made for the annual Arts Benicia Mosaic Project where artists and members of the Benicia Community create small artworks on or attached to 6" wood tiles that are later placed together (all 140 or more) as a Gallery showpiece during Benicia's Artists' Open Studios. Lakeview incorporated raw-edged appliqué, satin and free-motion stitching to create a representational style of landscape.  (Privately Owned)





River Run      Abstract Landscape       6" X 6"
Cotton, Thread, Oil Pastels, Glass beads

"River Run is another 6" piece made for Arts Benicia's Mosaic Project. It is an example of an abstract style of landscape. To create this birds-eye view of an imaginary landscape, I placed numerous torn scraps of fabrics together, slashed the river run's path from side to side, inserted the river piece and free-motion stitched the surrounding area. I then rubbed the surface with oil pastels to add some texture and embellished the landscape with several beads to give the impression of structures on the land. (Privately Owned)





mt tam

Sunset Over Mt. Tam   5" x 7"
Cotton, thread
Techniques, Raw-edge" appliqué, Free-motion stitching

Made for Arts Benicia's 2011 "Small Gems" exhibit (nothing to exceed 7" x7" in size), this Representational mini-landscape
represents the wonderful panoramic view my parents had from their home above the Benicia Straits. (Privately Owned) 





Parallel Universe     24"x16"
Fabric strips, oil pastel, thread
Techniques: Collage of fabric strips stitched to a fabric background with oil pastel highlights.

Fabric Collage is a term describing bits and pieces put together to create a design. My inspiration for this Abstract piece
was to suggest an early morning sunrise. The fabric strips were stitched down providing some added texture to the piece.


Untitled Collage #2     20" x 16"
Fabric, Tea Bags, Thread
Techniques: Collage of fabric strips stitched to a background of tea bags with hand-stitching

Used tea bags were fused to the fabric background with fabric strips applied and stitched down in this Abstract Collage.
For added visual interest, embroidery stitches such as French Knots were hand-stitched to the surface. (Privately Owned)



Facing the Future       12" x 12"
Cotton Fabric, Thread
Techniques: Discharged Cotton Fabric, free-motion stitched for dimension and to enhance the design.

Elements of an original photograph were traced and printed to create a template which was
cut up with portions removed during the discharge process to create a portrait in fabric. (Privately Owned)


Camille     16" X 12 1/2"
Cotton, Thread
Techniques: Thread Sketching, Free-motion machine stitching, Fabric insertion

Description: To create this portrait of a friend's father, I printed a photograph of him onto special paper-backed fabric designed for inkjet printers. Once printed in black and white, I fused the fabric to a heavy stabilizer and Free-motion machine-stitched the shadows, highlights and features with a neutral gray-colored thread. I also added stitched texture to the background areas and added oil pastels to bring out a touch of color. The piece was finished with a fabric binding and narrow Fabric insertions to highlight the fabric frame.    (Privately Owned)



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